Static electricity

Static electricity is a phenomenon arising from an imbalance in the anode and cathode charge content within or on the surface of a material. In which those electric charges remain until the charge is moved or transferred. (Electrostatic Discharge) Usually all materials are electrically neutral. That is, there will be an equal amount of positive and negative ions, which will change over time due to abrasion, contact or friction between materials. This is especially true in non-conductive materials known as insulators, in which the balloon is rubbed against the hair. Or contact between leather shoes and a doormat Those situations cause an electric discharge. As a result, an imbalance in the number of positive and negative ions in each material is created. Because of this, different materials have an imbalance in charge, so attempt to transfer the charge with the other material. To create balance for yourself And it is this exchange of electric charges that causes a feeling that is much like an electric shock, known as electrostatic.

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