ESD Anti static string
Surface resistance: 10 ^ 5?-10 ^ 7?. Common Specifications: Diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc., 50m / roll, 100m/roll.

Anti-static sampling rope in line with GB / T12158-2006 “General Guidelines for Prevention of Static Electricity Accident” and other national standards. It is suitable for sampling, temperature measurement and water inspection of liquid petroleum products of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises, which is superior to traditional cotton rope, metal rope and other sampling ropes by the practice of national authoritative departments. The conductivity is good, which can make sampling and measuring The charges generated during the temperature and seizure operations quickly leak and disperse, which can effectively prevent local accumulation of static electricity and prevent the occurrence of static electricity accidents. During the storage and transportation of liquid petroleum products, static electricity will be generated. After the liquid petroleum products with static electricity enter the container (such as oil tank), the electrostatic potential of the liquid surface will increase. At this time, Discharge, resulting in a fire accident. In order to avoid the occurrence of static electricity accidents, our company develops and produces anti-static sampling water temperature sampling rope for petrochemical enterprises according to the “Standard Guide for Prevention of Static Electric Accident” and other standards.

Features: 1. Anti-static sampling rope resistance strictly controlled in the national standard requirements of the safe range.

2. Using new conductive fiber and imported conductive fiber. Non-bleaching, long life cycle.

3, the antistatic sampling rope has a corona discharge function, so that sampling, temperature measurement, seized water and other operations more secure.

   4. Anti-static sampling rope soft, light weight, easy to knot point, easy to use.

5, the product after China National Petroleum Corporation Electrostatic Monitoring Center and China Petrochemical Corporation Safety Engineering Science Research Institute of technology testing, the indicators are stable, meet the national standards. The company is located in:

Specifications: 1. According to the diameter can be divided into: ?4mm, ?6 mm, ?8 mm, ?10 mm, ?12 mm and so on. 2. According to the length is divided into: 10mm 15m, 20m, 25m, 50m, 100m and so on.

3. According to user requirements to produce any product specifications.

 Second, anti-static curtain rope

  1. Anti-static rope structure: the outer layer of black and white and green fiber cross-woven three colors, including white yarn.

   Performance: anti-static rope can be made into anti-static curtains, with the role of static discharge. In the staff out of the door a fixed hanging down, when the entry and exit anti-static rope contact, static electricity through the anti-static walk lead to eliminate static electricity to achieve good anti-static effect. The company is located in:

   Surface resistance: 10 ^ 5?-10 ^ 7?. Common Specifications: Diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8m, etc., 50m / roll

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