Glass Fiber Filter

Glass fiber filters

Safe filtration of aggressive liquids

Glass fiber filters are widely applicable in many fields of labratory use due to the exceptionally good resistance to most organic and inorganic solvents. They allow a fast filtration with simultaneous high particle retention and good loading capacity.

Product Description
Spray Booth Rolls Fiber Glass Floor Filtration:
1.Fiberglass filter media
2.Large ventilation quantity
3.Small resistance
4.High dust holding capacity
5.Long operating life

1. Fiberglass filter media is made of long fiberglass in non-woven way, large ventilation quantity, small resistance, good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray.
2. It is applied to the superficial spray coating high quality painting-spray filtration, high dust catching for PA-50/60/PA-100, especially suitable for using heat recovery system;
3. High strength fiberglass increasing structure; the windward side is green, the leeward side is white;
4. The low compression preformance maintains its outlook, which is completely useful for the filtration fiber to keep the oil mist and the dust;
5. Nonflammability, temperature resistance at 170°C;
6. The compression packing may save the fare and the storage in the transportation. After decompression, it will regain its original condition;
7. Outer frame may choose the paper frame, the falvanization iron frame, or aluminium alloy frame.

1.Main application to the auto electrophoretic paint filter and the fire-resistant steel casting plant for the flue gas dust removal processing system;
2.Used for the explosion grinding bag dust collector in the blast furnace and cement plant.

Glass Fiber media for paint mist
separation. The media is compressed at
Clean air side and is dry with high elastically.
The media is non flammable according
to DIN 4102.

Standard Size :
– 1.5 m x 20 m x 2 inch
– 1 m x 20 m x 2 inch.
– 70 cm x 20 m x 2 inch.
– 75 cm x 20 m 2inch.
– 1 m x 20 m x 4 inch.

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