Fan Filter Unit

-Fan Filter Unit (FFU) is air cleaning equipment to supply purified air to the clean room for manufacturing photo-electronics,

semi-conductor, liquid crystal, etc.

-The installation space is the system ceiling grid.

-For a large clean room, the number of required FFU is from several hundreds to several thousands.

-We developed DEVISER Fan Filter Unit(FFU)basing upon the concepts including, to reduce running cost by saving energy, and to reduce initial cost by total design of clean room; such as noise specifications etc., to meet all the requirements for constructing, operating, and maintaining clean rooms.

-ustom thin & Mini type of Fan Filter Unit is available for your requirements.

-The degree of cleanliness from class 1 up to 100,000 can be set and it can be set at individual area.

-Because the back in the ceiling is a low-pressure area, the potential of the leakage is extremely low.

-Bay method or through the wall method is possible by the arrangement of layout of FFU.

-The volume of the air flow can be set at each area.

-Flexible increase or change of the clean room is possible by the arrangement of Fan Filter Unit.

A 3 – section or variable speed airfoil turbo fan made by aluminum alloy, which pursued the most suitable designed by computer analysis, provides high efficiency and low-noise characteristics.

A carrying handle makes transportation and installation easier.

A safety socket block for connecting electric power is most suitable for a small clean room system.

An optional ULPA filter, which is 99.9999% efficiency at 0.12 microns, is available to meet the extremely critical clean area needs.

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