ESD Tweezers

Static Dissipative for Most Critical ESD Applications
These ESD safe tweezers feature excellent transient current discharge performance that meets less than 40V ESD threshold Class 0 CDM compliance. Ceramic tip tweezers are ideal for high-temperature applications such as soldering. Offering excellent break strength and surface finish, as well as an extremely high heat resistance to 1000°C. In addition, these tips are solder, chemical, solvent, and acid resistant. These tweezers are perfectly balanced for precision handling of delicate parts.

Save money by replacing tips only versus replacing the entire tweezer!

ESD Conductive
Popular in electronics assembly and lab applications. Ideal for handling sensitive glass or ceramic parts where non-metallic, non-scratching tweezer tips are critical. Available in many different tip styles to specifically meet the needs of your application.

PEEK tip wafer handling tweezers offer durable tip material, high-temperature tolerance, and good chemical compatibility. Perfect for the non-scratch handling of gallium arsenide and silicon wafers as well as sensitive ceramic and glass parts.

ESD Comfort Grips for Metal and Replaceable Tip Tweezers
ESD Safe ergonomic vinyl cushion grips reduce stress and tension on fingers. Giving you optimum comfort when working continuously with small parts.