Product Description

ESD rubber mat or conductive ground mats should be laid out in the workshops and advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits and etc, to eliminate damages caused by static electricity. When ESD rubber mat (ground mats) are laid out and grounded, the working surface will discharge the static electricity of human bodies so that a near-equipotential can be maintained for ESD tweezers, tools, utensils and instruments, through which human bodies contact the working table and static sensitive devices(SSD) are free from broadband interference produced by static discharging such as triboelectrification etc. In this way, electrostatic protection is realized. ESD rubber mat are mainly made of antistatic(conductive) and static-dissipative materials, and synthetic rubber. The surface layer is a 0.5mm thick static-dissipative layer. The bottom layer is a 1.5mm conductive layer. Usually 2mm thick double-layer structure is used. Our antistatic table mat/ floor mat does not contain sulphur, which easily reacts with other substances to cause decoloring of the products and bring harm to huaman body.

A. Parameters of Anti Static Table/Floor Mat


A. Parameters of Anti Static Table Mat Specs
Anti-static layer Surface resistanΩ 107-109 1.2mx10mx2mm or customized
Frition static voltage V <100

Conductivity layer

Surface resistanΩ


Frition static voltage V ≤106
Attenuation period of static voltage 5000-500V <50
Volume resistance 106-108 Ω

B.Physical characteristics of Anti Static Table/Floor Mat

No. Test items Test basis Test results
01 Tension strength GB 1040 3.6Mpa
02 Breakage coefficient of elongation GB 1040 188%
03 Tear strength(right angle) GB/T529 20.6KN/m
04 Resilience(6 layers of sheet materials lapping over GB/T1681 14%
05 Temperature of impact embrittlement(no cut) GB5470 -25℃,no damage
06 Permanent variation under compression,70℃x22h,25% compression GB10654 17.9%

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