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Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Footwear

The men’s and women’s work boots and shoes in this category are designed to protect sensitive equipment from damage and to reduce the danger of ignition or explosion of hazardous materials caused by the build up and release of static electricity.

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) footwear is a necessity for those who work with computer equipment and other advanced circuity on a daily basis, or individuals who face continual exposure to substances senstitive to uncontrolled electrostatic discharge where a fire or an explosion is likely. Work Wear Safety Shoes carries a wide range of the best men’s and women’s ESD boots and shoes from the world’s most respected safety footwear brands to serve the needs of individuals in the following fields:

1.Aerospace Engineers and Aeronautics Professionals
2.Industrial Equipment Manufacturing
3.Semiconductor Manufacturing
4.Electrical Engineers
5.Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing
6.Battery Manufacturing
7.Computer Equipment Manufacturing and Repair
9.Clean Rooms
10.Oil and Gas
11.Refineries and Chemical Plants
12.Hazardous Waste Disposal
13.and more. . .

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